WorkDynamX Solutions, LLC, was honored with a 2021 American Staffing Association Care Award. This national awards program recognizes outstanding social responsibility initiatives—business processes that produce an overall positive effect on society—among ASA member staffing agencies and associate members (industry suppliers).

It is an honor to receive this prestigious award from ASA. I was raised as a Girl Scout with the promise to leave every place, everyone and everything better than how I found it. That belief has carried through with me my entire life and is why WorkDynamX places such a heavy focus on social responsibility and giving back. Every member of my team embraces this belief and gives back with all of their heart in and outside of the workplace

– Kristi Telschow, CEO of WorkDynamX.

What did we do for this amazing honor?

WorkDynamX, at its core, is all about making a difference in the world.  This goes beyond our day-to-day responsibilities with our jobs, and it expands into our connection with the community.  Every year we select several non-profit initiatives that are important to our team members.  Last year when the COVID pandemic hit, it was no exception.  Throughout 2020, the WorkDynamX team joined forces with external partners to support the NJ community during the pandemic.
WorkDynamX, like so many others, had to pivot and adapt to this new business climate. Our first thought was, how do we continue to be a resource for our talent and clients and provide them with the tools they need to persevere? 

Local Partnerships & Coaching

We partner with numerous local organizations that support those in transition on a regular basis as career coaches.   For example, in Feb of 2020 prior to the pandemic, we held a workshop with the Women’s Center of CCM.  Several members of our staff coached roughly 20 women who were either in transition or who were re-entering the workforce after a long period of time.

So, in following our previous coaching endeavors, the most immediate step we took was to create downloadable videos providing tips to those in transition on virtual interviewing, resume writing, and other job search best practices.  We coached those out of work who were home, to take this as a time of self-improvement. In addition, 3 members of our staff worked with the Roxbury Library to provide resume coaching services for 15 individuals and our CEO presented a live Linkedin Training for the library members.  We also partnered with Dress for Success of Northern NJ – 10 counties and provided live webinar training on the same topics.  The hot topic was navigating your job search during COVID.

WorkDynamX Business Alliance

Once we established solid tools for our talent, we then realized our clients were struggling with how to navigate their new role, a combination of COVID-19 response, very present D&I issues, mental awareness issues within their organizations, and more.  They needed a common and safe zone for collaboration with other HR professionals to share ideas, collaborate and provide possible solutions for similar challenges.  In response, we developed the WorkDynamX Business Alliance in March of 2020.  This is a free group that was established to bring business and HR professionals in our network together. Also, to provide an interactive and safe place to discuss business challenges and offer solutions among peers. To this day, over a year later, we still meet bi-weekly for an hour and the group has grown to over 50 HR contacts.

Community Food Donations

Moving beyond the above, we extended our reach into the community in partnership with Ahold eCommerce Sales, the largest eCommerce grocery delivery service in the world.  Between April 2020 and September 2020, we collected, and hand-delivered over 100,000 lbs of donations (chicken, meat, prepared meals, dry goods, toiletries, and more) to 8+ food pantries across New Jersey. Combined, this fed over 1,000 families during the pandemic!