HR Consulting Services

WorkDynamX offers a variety of customized HR Consulting services that cater to the needs of our clients

Are These Thoughts Keeping You Up at Night?

HR Basics

  • Is our handbook up-to-date? Do we have a handbook?

  • Are we saying or doing the wrong things at work?

  • What HR policies should we be following?

Enhance Employee Performance

  • How do we ensure success for our new hires?

  • How are we holding people accountable? Attendance? Performance? Attitude?

  • Are our employees happy? How do we make sure they stay?

Innovate Best Practices

  • How can we help with employee career growth?

  • How are we going to handle our HR issues?

  • Do we need to look more closely at our HR practices?

WorkDynamX Has The Answers.

We offer hourly and project-based rates for the below areas.

HR Basics

  • Coaching or Training

  • HR Rules & Regulations

  • Employee Handbook

  • Employee Relations

  • Employee Terminations

  • Hiring & Staffing Plans

  • Job Analysis & Descriptions

  • Leave Administration

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Workplace Incidents

Enhance Employee Performance

  • Career Growth Pathing

  • Coaching or Mentoring

  • Culture & Social Responsibility

  • Employee Development

  • Employee Pulse Surveys

  • Exit Interviews & Offboarding

  • New Hire Onboarding or Orientations

  • Performance Management

  • Retention & Turnover

  • Team Building

Innovate Best Practices

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Leadership or Management Retreats

  • Learning & Development

  • Organizational Development

  • Employee Engagement

  • Recognition

  • Skills Assessments

  • Succession Planning

  • Talent Reviews

  • Total Rewards

  • HR Assessments

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